Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ups and Downs

Hello! I have been a little absent again - just been so busy! We are getting ready to head off on vacation and I am so excited! My parents have purchased a trailer and pad in Blythe California and we are going to visit for 6 days =) There is sun there! We are flying into Pheonix and then we will drive to the trailer and then back to Pheonix to catch a hockey game and fly home!

I had a bad week and gained 2.7 pounds.....yikes! Then this week I was down 1.1 and hopped on the scale this morning to see the rest of it was gone. I was really sick with a horrible sinus infection this last week so there was no gym for me but there was not a lot of eating either so I guess it worked out. I have bought myself a fridge full of good food and have decided that I will not be having pop or chips during the day. I have become accustomed to having a coke zero and a bad of baked cheetos with my lunch (usually a sandwich). No veggies there so I am switching back to spinach salad with either crackers or a WW bagel with cream cheese. I am hoping this change helps me avoid some of these colds I have been getting from the germ mong....I mean daughter ;) Since Grace started daycare I have had so many colds and flu's it is ridiculous!

I am really looking forward to getting back to the gym. Hubby also helped me pick out a Jillian workout for my off days. I  will just have to set aside some time where I can do it.....Just figured it out - Hubby and I bought a Playbook and he said he can play with that while I work out. I know going away will cause some problems....I won't be eating perfectly but I will be putting the effort forward to stay on track.

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