Saturday, December 27, 2014

Crappy Eating Holidays

I had the best of intentions over the holidays but I did not follow through. I felt like I had gotten to a good place with a good routine but I did not stick to. Lucky enough I am where I was when I started the month but I did not manage to make any progress. I need progress.

My plan - I am getting back into my healthy routine. I am going to start back with my shakeology and workouts tomorrow. I am not waiting Monday or January - tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow I will get my ass back in gear! I really need this - I feel tired and sluggish and I hate it. I need to get moving and eating better - my body is missing it!

I really wish I could get my mind on board. I seem to be able to talk myself into anything that I shouldn't - I wish it was going the other way. The mental games I okay with myself seem to be my biggest sticking point. I need to keep pushing past this....

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