Thursday, October 17, 2013


I mean 4 month old and I have Hand, Foot and Mouth. This fucking sucks! Excuse my language but this is so ridiculous and annoying. I had a terrible migraine for 2 days with a sore throat that I thought was going to kill me and just when I thought I was over it I started getting these little bumps in my lip and then on my fingers. My little man has been a real trooper but I have banished my sweet 3 year old in hopes that she won't get this too. She drives me nuts a lot of the times but I really miss having her around. Being cooped up is also really terrible - I feel like a leper. I can't even kiss my little girl =(

Well needless to say I am not getting much activity. I took my little man for a short walk today but this took it's toll on my energy levels. I actually went to the naturopath for some help with my "baby brain". It is so bad I forgot the date I scheduled for I make the schedule! I felt like such an idiot. I managed to make it work but still....

Needless to say I will not be able to get to WW this week - I have to stay away from people until Tuesday-Wednesday depending on how the sores heal. I will hop on my scale and hopefully see a difference. I really need to get things going again as NONE of my pants fit.....this sucks. For Thanksgiving I had to buy some leggings so I didn't have to wear any maternity stuff. Everything I wear is stretchy....I miss my jeans and I refuse to buy more!

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  1. I hope you and your baby both are feeling better. Being sick SUCKS!