Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What am I doing?

Is what I asked myself as I ate chips on the couch. I had a really good day of eating but it ended with a headache and me wanting to eat crap. I am really happy I did better during the day - apparently this is going to be a really long process for me.

I did not track today for no good reason so I will not be able to tell you exactly what I ate. Tomorrow I will be tracking. It does not matter if it is one day of the's better than nothing.

I am having a difficult week work wise and the stress is really wearing me down. Must get more sleep and some decent activity.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I am a ball of stress and I let it effect my eating. I went out at lunch and brought back a ham and cheese croissant and a bag of chips. Why did I do this? I missed my workout because I had my lunch cut short by a very angry boss. Why didn't I go for a walk or just stay at my desk? Come on Lisa - get your shit together!

Work has been freakin' crazy and I cannot seem to keep up! My Manager has gone off on medical leave (we think she has had a stroke but she is not really seeking the help she needs), before she left she was a nightmare - she was not doing her work and she trying to hide it. She left the day I got back from my last holiday. At this time we were already down one (my mom works with me and she was in California for 2 months) and her last day was the day before I came back. She did absolutely NOTHING for the week I was gone. She then came back for a gradual return after 2 months (we had finally gotten caught up) - she was so out of it and then our boss left on vacation and it was up to me to "watch" her. While she was gone I took over as manager and she was told I would remain that way until our boss returned. She was not happy to say the least - she has always been threatened by me. As she started working more days she starting getting weird again - to the point I asked one of the others in the office to talk to her about taking some more time off and she THANKFULLY called in to say that she was not feeling well again and needed some more time off. Her doctor has her off until the end of June but I am not sure she will ever be able to come back. During all of this we hired a temp and she was dumb! She would sit at her desk and stare at me instead of asking for something to do. You would think after 2 months she would realize her next pile of work was in the same spot I had pointed to the last 100 times! We have so much going on and everyone keeps passing it on to me. Today I honestly could have cried....I ate chips instead =(

Well now that my rant is over I will do better tomorrow!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Long Road

This is becoming the most drawn out process ever! I just can't seem to get my shit together.... I keep "recommitting" myself. It is not working. I am at about the same spot as I was the last time I posted. I have been going to the gym but I don't seem to be able to get my eats under control. I am going to start using this blog again - not only for a place to vent but I am going to start recording what and how much I eat.

I also really need to get caught up on what is happening around here! I miss you guys!

Well this is a short post but tomorrow will be better and it will include my menu for the day. I will also be posting my workouts. I got an I phone so I have started the the C25K and I am really enjoying it. I am actually suprised - I get up at 5 so I can still hit the gym without missing too much time with my adorable daughter!

See you later =)